I’ve been reading recently #3

  • A Meditation upon a Broomstick by Jonathan Swift
  • A Description of a City Shower by Jonathan Swift
  • A Short View of the State of Ireland by Jonathan Swift
  • A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
  • An Examination of Certain Abuses, Corruptions, and Enormities, in the City of Dublin by Jonathan Swift
  • Does this Meme Prove Donald Trump is a White Supremacist? by Scott Wark
  • The Surveyors by Mary Jo Salter in Ambit Magazine, Issue 226, Autumn 2016
  • The Lights Remain by Alison  Moore in Short Fiction, Issue 8
  • Waterboarding Mrs Elephant by Fridrik Solnes Jonsson in Short Fiction, Issue 10
  • Cousins by Sean Gilbert in Short Fiction, Issue 10
  • Blue Limitless Emptiness by Lania Knight in Short Fiction, Issue 10

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