I’ve been reading recently #8

  • Zakonnice odchodzą po cichu by Marta Abramowicz
  • Młyny Boże by Jacek Leociak
  • Koronkowa Robota, Sprawa Gorgonowej by Cezary Łazarewicz
  • Król by Szczepan Twardoch
  • Morfina by Szczepan Twardoch
  • How to Write a lot by Paul Silvia
  • Death’s End by Cixin Liu
  • The 480 by Eugene Burdick
  • Moonwalking with Einstain by Joshua Foer
  • The Power by Naomi Alderman
  • Flights by Olga Tokarczuk
  • The Time Regulation Institute by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar


I’ve been reading recently #7

  • Nightfall by Isaac Asimov
  • The Lights Remain by Alison Moore in Short Fiction vol 8
  • Nightswimming by Alex Preston in Short Fiction vol 8
  • The Castle by Robert Boucheron in Short Fiction vol 8
  • Critical State by Osama Ammar in Short Fiction vol 8
  • Il Torre Di Veriata by William Telford in Short Fiction vol 8
  • Bismillah Your Old Self by Adnan Mahmutovic in Short Fiction vol 8
  • Afterlife by Theodora Ziolkowski in Short Fiction vol 8
  • from The Hurt Country by Harriet Moore in Short Fiction vol 8
  • The Glover by Graham Mort in Short Fiction vol 8
  • Adieu, Mon Doux Rivage by Catherine McNamara in Short Fiction vol 8
  • Identity Politics by Andrew Neilson in Short Fiction vol 8
  • The American Way of Housekeeping by Mariko Nagai in Short Fiction vol 8
  • Recalculating by Deborah Eisenberg in Short Fiction vol 8

I’ve been reading recently #3

  • A Meditation upon a Broomstick by Jonathan Swift
  • A Description of a City Shower by Jonathan Swift
  • A Short View of the State of Ireland by Jonathan Swift
  • A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
  • An Examination of Certain Abuses, Corruptions, and Enormities, in the City of Dublin by Jonathan Swift
  • Does this Meme Prove Donald Trump is a White Supremacist? by Scott Wark
  • The Surveyors by Mary Jo Salter in Ambit Magazine, Issue 226, Autumn 2016
  • The Lights Remain by Alison  Moore in Short Fiction, Issue 8
  • Waterboarding Mrs Elephant by Fridrik Solnes Jonsson in Short Fiction, Issue 10
  • Cousins by Sean Gilbert in Short Fiction, Issue 10
  • Blue Limitless Emptiness by Lania Knight in Short Fiction, Issue 10

I’ve been reading recently #2

  • Patient Grizelda by Giovanni Boccaccio
  • The Saga of Gunnlaung Serpent-tongue by Anonymous
  • On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts by Thomas De Quincet
  • Aphorisms on Love and Hate by Friedrich Nietzsche

We must think of men who are cruel today as stages of earlier cultures, which have been left over (…). They are backward men, whose brains, because of various possible accidents of heredity, have not yet developed much delicacy or versatility. They show us what we all were, and frighten us. But they themselves are as little responsible as a piece of granite for being granite. (p. 7)

  • Traffic by John Ruskin

What we like determines what we are, and is a sign of what we are; and to teach taste is inevitably to form character. (p. 5)

  • The Roots of Honour by John Ruskin

The tendency of all modern mercantile operations is to throw both wages and trade into the form of lottery, and to make the workman’s pay depend on intermittent exertion, and the principal’s profit on dexterously used chance. (p. 46)

I’ve been reading recently #1

  • On Writing by Stephen King
  • Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang
  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari
  • The Arrangements by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Andreuccio’s da Perugia’s Neapolitan adventures by Giovanni Boccaccio
  • Ricciardo da Chinzica loses his wife by Giovanni Boccaccio
  • Mrs Rosie and the Priest by Giovanni Boccaccio
  • Patient Griselda by Giovanni Boccaccio