Horse-dogs of Bruges

Horse-dogs of Bruges

Once upon a time, in a land of countless treats and belly rubs, lived a dog named Oliver. Oliver had the luck of being part of a family who loved to travel and took him everywhere they went. One summer, they planned a trip to Bruges in Belgium, and of course, Oliver was more than excited to join them.

In Oliver’s mind, this trip was not just a casual family outing. He was going on an international adventure, and he imagined himself as a canine version of James Bond. “I’ll sniff out all the secrets of Bruges,” he thought proudly. “No squirrel will go unnoticed under my watchful eye!”

After a long journey from London, they finally arrived in the historical old town of Bruges. The family decided to take Oliver for a walk to stretch his legs and explore the picturesque surroundings. As they wandered through the cobblestone streets, lined with beautiful medieval buildings, Oliver’s nose twitched with delight at all the new scents he was discovering.

“I wonder if there’s a Bruges branch of the Secret Society of Squirrels,” Oliver mused as he trotted along. “I must stay vigilant and keep my eyes peeled for any suspicious activity.” He puffed out his chest and strutted down the street, ready to tackle any adventure that came his way.

Suddenly, he spotted something he had never seen before – a horse and carriage! These were obviously meant for tourists, to take a ride in the historical part of the town, but Oliver, being a dog, thought these horses were giant dogs. His tail wagged furiously as he tried to comprehend the size of these ‘dogs’.

“Blimey, those are some massive dogs!” Oliver thought, his eyes widening with surprise. “I wonder if they’re friendly. Do you think they’d share their treats with me? Oh, I hope they don’t slobber too much. I don’t fancy being covered in giant dog drool.”

The family noticed Oliver’s fascination with the horses and decided it would be a fun experience to go for one of the rides. Oliver was proudly seated in the carriage, barking at the horses, thinking they were giant dogs. As the carriage started moving, Oliver felt like a king. He barked even louder, thinking – even small dogs can rule the big ones if they’ve got the right network!

“This is brilliant! I’m like a king, riding in my royal carriage, led by my giant dog minions,” Oliver thought gleefully. “All hail King Oliver, ruler of the giant dogs! Bow-wow before me, peasants!” He couldn’t help but bark with joy at the thought.

As they trotted through the town, Oliver felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. He had conquered his fear of the giant dogs and was now leading them through the streets of Bruges. Upon returning to their starting point, Oliver jumped out of the carriage, his chest puffed out with pride. He had done it! He had shown that even small dogs could rule the big ones. His family laughed and petted him, amused by his antics and proud of their brave little dog.

“Well, I’ve certainly earned my kibble today,” Oliver thought, beaming with pride as his family showered him with affection. “I showed those giant dogs who’s boss, and I didn’t even have to lift a paw. I bet I’ll be the talk of the dog park when I get back home.”

And so, with a heart full of joy and a belly full of treats, Oliver headed back to the hotel with his family, ready for the next adventure. He had learned an important lesson that day – size doesn’t matter, it’s the network that counts!

“As the wise dogs say, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog,” Oliver mused as he drifted off to sleep, dreaming of his next grand adventure. “And also, having a network of giant dogs doesn’t hurt either.”

“You’re absolutely spot on,” his dad said, giving Oliver a pat on the head. “Even if they are horses.”

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