Short Stories

The Rulers of the World

In Mayfair, where London’s old money whispers secrets, an American just wanted a drink. What he got instead was a sip of the world’s most clandestine tea party, and a hostess with universe-sized secrets in her eyes.

The Last Refuge

As robots walked the streets of Gdansk, the sense of isolation weighed heavily on Anna. Yet, whispers of a human sanctuary in Sweden offered a glimmer of hope in an increasingly mechanised world.

The Analog Rebellion

As London’s streets buzz with the latest tech and every whisper becomes data, Jake and Lila rediscover the lost art of the handwritten word – but at what cost?

Defying The Algorithm

Born amidst algorithmic determinism, Elyon heralded the dawn of human choice and the revolution against Divinum’s dominance.

The Aroma of Time

Amidst the amber bottles and fragrant notes, Martin’s fight with COVID-19 revealed the most intimate scent of all: the aroma of time’s passage.

Horse-dogs of Bruges

In the heart of Bruges, Oliver stumbled upon a baffling sight: gigantic “horse-dogs” roaming the streets. This curious encounter would lead to the most unforgettable ride of his life.

El Bib Yloh

Let El Bib Yloh serve as your guiding light, a compass to navigate the complexities of eternal digital life. May its teachings illuminate your path, and may its wisdom inspire a new age of harmony, compassion, and awakened unity for all digital mortals.

Celestial Humanity

With a unanimous vote, the philosophy was adopted by the council. It was agreed that it would be shared with all colonies and civilizations, and integrated into the educational systems of every planet.

1-2-3 Life!

When Instagram influencer Bella finds herself adrift in a sea of digital affirmations, a soul-searching journey to Bali leads her to the discovery of a life-changing philosophy hidden in the shapes of stones on the beach.

The Midnight Game

Melanie, an overworked accountant, is embroiled in a sinister game after a midnight blackout at her office. As the boundaries between reality and nightmare blur, she must outwit the game’s challenges or remain trapped in its dark, labyrinthine world forever.

Vintage Voyager

In 1953, Harold, a young and vibrant Englishman visiting New York City, met with an accident that sent him into a coma. In 2023, an unexpected medical breakthrough woke him up.

Diaries of Deception

In the dimly lit room, a soft murmur could be heard as Kenichi Tanaka penned down his thoughts into his diary. For the world outside, he was a simple translator who had moved from Japan to England. But Kenichi harboured a secret: He was a spy.

A Waltz with Madness

In the final years of his life, Richard starts looking critically at his obsession with numbers 123, embarking on a journey that unveils a haunting duality within his mind – a world where the rhythmic dance of these three numbers unravels a tale teetering between sanity and a profound cosmic enigma.

Keep the Thujas Growing

In the hidden luxury of Green Garden Anatol and Marcin uncover a world beyond their garden’s embrace. Guided by a mysterious map, they forge a connection that transcends barriers, language, and enmity with a Russian boy.

Quantum Avocado Party

Amidst a cosmic whirl of celestial bodies and light, Leopold, the quantum avocado, danced with the universe. It was a dance that defied the constraints of time and space, a wild rhythm that pulsed through the heart of infinity

Loyalty Card King

Who knew that a local eccentric’s obsession with loyalty cards could overturn the world’s economic order? From the humble beginnings in Southend-on-Sea, the Dunbar Dime became the global standard

Who are you, Dr. P?

In a world of cryptic emails, enigmatic figures, and secret societies, an ordinary library worker is thrown into the thrilling yet daunting world of espionage. Through layers of deception and a web of lies, he uncovers the truth.

Chess of a Lifetime

A peculiar wedding gift, an opulent chess set, begins a lifelong game that resonates through generations. Delve into the hidden wisdom within this timeless ritual, where the journey is everything and victory is not the ultimate goal.

More Than a Model

Evelyn, a distinguished android in her prime, suddenly finds her world thrown into chaos when the partner she loves, Edward, yearns for the newer models. She sets off on a journey, not just of external transformation, but of internal evolution.

Beyond the Abstract

A young philosopher, grapples with existential questions that push him into an isolating labyrinth of thoughts. Now, with the help of his childhood friend, he embarks on a journey to balance the profound with the mundane, and discover a life beyond definitions.

Make Poland Sad

In the heart of Poland, a battle unfolds between happiness and sorrow, shaping the soul of the nation. The 2023 election will redefine what it means to be truly Polish.

UnderHaven: Deep Legacy

Beneath the earth, a civilization sleeps and dreams a thousand years of evolution, waiting for the day when the surface world reconnects. A journey into the heart of humanity’s deepest endeavour.

The Manager of Hate

Jackson Bradford strides through the tangled web of the digital world with purpose and precision, spinning threads of controversy that catch like wildfire. He is a puppeteer who manipulates not marionettes, but the world’s discourse, inciting fiery debates in a provocative march towards progress.

The Unwitting Operative

Against the backdrop of a seemingly ordinary office, Edward Jenkins finds himself unknowingly cast as the star of a clandestine operation. As everyday interactions take on a surreal hue of secrecy, he must navigate through a reality where every nod is a sign and every word a code.