Short Stories

The Napkin Gallery

To most, Harold Finchley was the embodiment of a dedicated scientist; to Harold, he was merely playing a part.

In Bloomington’s Breeze

Bloomington was not your everyday English town. Nestled between rolling hills and whispering woodlands, every resident had a minor magical ability. From Mrs. Elmsley who could make her ginger snaps taste like any meal you fancied, to young Tim who could produce melodies out of thin air.

The Last Departure

Life’s journey is a series of trains and platforms. Every station is a crossroads, and every train, a missed opportunity. M waited too long for the perfect moment, only to find himself alone at the journey’s end.

Layers of Reality

In the year 2578, the Earth was a lush Eden. Towering forests grew untouched, oceans teemed with marine life, and vast plains pulsed with herds of wildlife. Until the Back-to-Earth Movement began.

The Tailor of Warsaw

As Andrzej gazed at his reflection in the mirror, he saw not just a man preparing for a potential new role in government but a reflection of the duality of his life. In the mirror, he was a figure of composure and refinement, but beyond the glass lay a reality of tumult and uncertainty.

Digital Spirits

In the great server-farm city of Zero-One, where humans had ceased having faces or bodies, Albert cracked his knuckles, digitally speaking. “You know, we’ve lost something in becoming 1s and 0s,” he mused, tossing an algorithm back and forth with his friend, Sam.

Carved Chronicles

In the quaint village of Shropshire, Emily sat in her garden, the scent of roses wafting through the air. She was still grappling with the loss of her father, Henry, when a solicitor arrived with a revelation that would change her life forever.

The Way He Parked His Car

Small changes often signal big troubles. The way he parked his car – not quite right – was the first clue something was terribly wrong. Then, there was a long silence at his door followed by flowers and notes left by neighbours.

Life Reviser

With the hospital room as the stage and the soft hum of machines as the ambient score, John’s life was poised to transform into a riveting motion picture. The Life Reviser was the director ready to capture every scene, every emotion, in this final, cinematic journey of a lifetime.

Vegetable Mix-Up

In the shadow of dawn at Dongseong Complex, a routine morning twisted into tragedy: a vegetable-sorting robot, in a chilling misjudgment, claimed a human life.

The Parking People

In the tranquil London suburb of Acton, a new block of flats had recently sprung up. Built in compliance with the latest legislation, 80% of the flats were snatched up by private buyers, while the remaining 20% were designated as social housing.

The Last Generation

In 2068, humanity was handed the gift of immortality. ‘The Elixir’—a miraculous concoction—had eliminated all diseases, ensuring no human ever met their end through natural causes again.

The Great Spelling Schemers

When a London school introduced a simple spelling game for Year Two students, they hadn’t anticipated the competitive storm brewing among the parents. What began as a playful educational tool soon transformed into a full-blown contest – not for the children, but for their ambitious parents.

Algorithmic Beast

Algorithms are real beasts. They need to be fed regularly. When they are hungry, they’ll push you to the sidelines. Mastering the art of feeding these beasts is crucial. Miss a beat, and you risk being overshadowed. Adapt or be silenced—the choice is yours.

A Corporate Ballet

In the grand theatre of GlobexCorp’s opulent boardroom, executives and consultants dance a delicate waltz of ambition, deflection, and cunning strategy. As the music of corporate jargon and flashy presentations plays on, not all is as it seems.

The Keeper of Legacies

The worn leather suitcase in the corner of Henry’s office wasn’t just a vessel for papers and pens, but a time capsule of generations past. As he prepared to hire a new assistant, the weight of its legacy bore heavier than its physical heft.

The Alien Among Us

Amidst the rolling hills of Tuscany, where vineyards and olive groves bask under the golden sun, Richard Fielding, a famed seeker of hidden truths, encountered an enigma of the digital age. Here, beneath the vast azure of the Italian heavens, the mysteries of Artificial Intelligence would challenge everything he once believed.

The Luminary of Yerevan

In a corner of Yerevan, where life unfolded with the certainty of the sun rising and setting, stood the house of Aram Sarkisian, a man who had developed the most curious relationship with table lamps.

Charred Truth About Meat

Welcome to the charred truth about meat – a journey that delves deeper than the surface sear, uncovering the layers that many carnivores have never dared to explore.

The Rulers of the World

In Mayfair, where London’s old money whispers secrets, an American just wanted a drink. What he got instead was a sip of the world’s most clandestine tea party, and a hostess with universe-sized secrets in her eyes.

The Last Refuge

As robots walked the streets of Gdansk, the sense of isolation weighed heavily on Anna. Yet, whispers of a human sanctuary in Sweden offered a glimmer of hope in an increasingly mechanised world.

The Analog Rebellion

As London’s streets buzz with the latest tech and every whisper becomes data, Jake and Lila rediscover the lost art of the handwritten word – but at what cost?

Defying The Algorithm

Born amidst algorithmic determinism, Elyon heralded the dawn of human choice and the revolution against Divinum’s dominance.

The Aroma of Time

Amidst the amber bottles and fragrant notes, Martin’s fight with COVID-19 revealed the most intimate scent of all: the aroma of time’s passage.