BW-AI Score

I propose the creation of the BW-AI Score, a scale that measures the involvement of AI in the creation of content. The scale ranges from 1 to 10, with 1 representing minimal use of AI (e.g. grammar and spelling checked by AI) and 10 representing complete generation of the content by AI.

Paitry – poetry written by AI

Paitry is a term that refers to poetry written by artificial intelligence (AI). AI poetry refers to a type of writing that is produced by an AI program or algorithm, rather than a human writer.

Algorithmic Ownership

Algorithmic Ownership is a form of distributed ownership in which content is assigned to an owner based on an algorithmic association of usernames with the content in the search results.


Hashtagability is ‘the potential of the hashtag to do things’. It helps to understand the ‘happening’ of hashtags and provides the framework to study them.

#sandiegofire – the first successful hashtag

The sudden bushfires in the San Diego region of California in August 2007 helped to introduce hashtags to a wider audience.