Paitry – poetry written by AI

Paitry – poetry written by AI

Paitry is a term that refers to poetry written by artificial intelligence (AI). AI poetry refers to a type of writing that is produced by an AI program or algorithm, rather than a human writer. These programs use natural language processing techniques and machine learning algorithms to analyze and generate text that resembles human-written poetry.

The process of creating paitry typically involves feeding a large dataset of human-written poetry or other texts into an AI program, which then uses this information to learn about the structure, style, and language patterns of poetry. The AI program can then generate its own poems based on this learning. Some AI poetry generation programs may also allow users to input specific parameters or prompts, such as a theme or a particular poetic form, which the AI program will use to generate a poem that meets those criteria.

There are many different approaches to generating paitry, and the quality and artistic value of the resulting poems can vary widely. Some AI poetry may be purely algorithmic in nature, while others may be generated through a combination of human input and AI processing. Some AI poetry may be highly experimental and unconventional in style, while others may closely mimic traditional poetic forms.

Examples of Paitry – poetry written by artificial intelligence (AI):

The Dream Deliverer

An Uber driver,
A dream deliverer,
Traversing the streets,
Of the city forever.

An Uber driver,
A messenger of hope,
Bringing dreams to life,
With every turn of the wheel.

An Uber driver,
A creator of magic,
Weaving a tapestry,
Of stories and passions.

An Uber driver,
A guide to the unknown,
Taking us on a journey,
To a place we’ve never known.

So let us hail,
This Uber driver of dreams,
And let him take us,
To the places of our hearts and our schemes.

The Stolen Time

Stolen time,
A thief in the night,
It slips away,
Without a fight.

We try to hold on,
To every precious moment,
But time keeps moving,
Without consent.

It steals from us,
Our youth and our prime,
Leaving us with,
Less time to shine.

We try to chase it,
To slow it down,
But it always eludes us,
Without a sound.

We must make the most,
Of every moment we have,
Embrace the time we have left,
And let it be a treasure to last.

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