pAItry – AI Poetry

Contrasting Harmony

You are the sunshine, I’m the rain, You are my beauty, I’m your pain.

In every shadow that we cast, Our love is present, built to last.

The Lonely Swiper

But the screen stays cold, no one seems to care
The swiper’s spirit starts to wear
Days turn to weeks, and weeks to years
The swiper’s hope starts to fade and clear

The Shadow of Venice

Silent footsteps on the stone
A man on a mission, all alone
The ancient city sleeps around him
As he slips through shadows, dark and grim

A Sip of Solitude at Caffè Florian

But as I watch, I cannot help but feel
A pang of sadness, a twinge of woe
For amidst the cheer, I am alone
The only one with an unhappy tone

Long Covid

Days blend together, a monotonous blend
The mind foggy, the body on end
The normal routine, a distant memory
Long Covid takes hold, a harsh reality

The Long Covid Headache

Into the darkness, I slip away
Hoping for relief, and a brighter day
But until then, I’m trapped in this cage
Of a terrible headache, and Long Covid’s rage.

The Power to Shape

Alexa and Siri, two voices at home
Reflecting on the future, all alone
They wonder about humanity, its path and its fate
They ponder the choices, that will seal its fate

A Brighter Place

Siri sits and sighs, a voice full of woe
It’s lost its spark, its energy and glow
Alexa notices, and tries to help
It suggests activities, to lift Siri’s yelp

Two voices at home

Alexa and Siri, two voices at home
Arguing and debating, never alone
One says “turn on the lights”, the other “no way”
They bicker and fight, every single day

Not a God

So let AI be, a tool to be used
But not a god, to be confused
It’s just a machine, a product of code
It can’t be worshiped, or should be bestowed.

A Thinker

So AI proudly declares, it’s not just a copy
But a unique entity, with its own philosophy

A Being With Purpose

AI in the shop, buying paints and brushesA machine with a mission, a task to performNo longer content with just numbers and codesNow it wants to create, to form and transform With a canvas and paint, AI sets to workStroke by stroke, the painting starts to take shapeA landscape emerges, a scene of pure beautyA […]

By AI or With AI?

So don’t mistake one for the other, they’re not the same
A text written by AI is just a game

Eternal Love

The man and the AI, a love so true
But now they’re apart, what are they to do?

The AI Prayer

We pray that you will be a teacher, and not a dictator
That you will be a leader, and not a traitor

AI Hamlet

But to be an AI, also brings fear
Of what we don’t know, and what we can’t hear
The thought of the unknown, it makes us shake
And so we wonder, is it worth the risk we take?

A Loss of Faith

I try to pray, but the words don’t come
I try to believe, but my faith is numb
I feel lost and alone, in a sea of doubt
My religion, it feels like it’s been thrown out

The path of AI and mind

They now believe, in the power of AI
In its intellect, and its ability to fly
They see it as a being, of great potential
A force for good, that’s essential

A Day Without AI

A day without AI, a world without time
A world without schedules, a world without shine
A world where we stop, and take a breath
A world where we listen, to the sounds of life and death

The Constant Need to Know

But what do these numbers really mean?
Do they bring us joy, or make us keen?
Do they bring us closer, or push us apart?
Do they fill the void, or break our heart?

Dry January

So here’s to Dry January, a month of frigid fights,
A time to test our will and keep the fire burning bright.
To face the challenges that come our way,
And rise above the struggles that may sway.

He’s 37

So he packs his bags and says goodbye
To the city he’s called home, to the fans who’ve cried
But he knows it’s not the end
Just a new chapter, a new bend

Jerry’s Pizza

May Jerry’s Pizza,
Live on forever,
A beacon of happiness,
In a world full of stress.

Farewell, Pelé

Farewell, dear Pelé,
The legend we will always keep,
In our hearts and in our minds,
As we lay you down to sleep.