The Constant Need to Know

The Constant Need to Know

Obsessive measurement, a constant need to know
To measure and track, to watch every flow
A world of numbers, a sea of data
A never-ending quest, a constant battle

We measure our steps, we measure our sleep
We measure our heartbeats, we measure our eat
We measure our words, we measure our screen time
We measure our friends, we measure our online time

But what do these numbers really mean?
Do they bring us joy, or make us keen?
Do they bring us closer, or push us apart?
Do they fill the void, or break our heart?

Perhaps it’s time to step back and see
That life is not just numbers, it’s mystery
So let’s embrace the unknown, and let go of the measure
And find true happiness, without obsessive treasure

This poem was written by AI (using Open AI Chatbot). Read more about Piatry – Poetry written by AI. All images were generated using DALL.E 2 (Open AI)

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