The Shadow of Venice

The Shadow of Venice

Silent footsteps on the stone
A man on a mission, all alone
The ancient city sleeps around him
As he slips through shadows, dark and grim

His coat, a blur of black and gray
His eyes, alert, watchful, scanning the way
The winding canals, the narrow lanes
The hidden corners, the secret pains

He moves with purpose, with stealth and grace
His mission, a secret, a hidden place
He hears the whispers, the distant cries
But he keeps moving, no time to speculate or surmise

He knows the risk, the danger he faces
But he soldiers on, with courage and heart in all places
For this is his duty, his honor to serve
A secret agent, a man of nerve

And as the dawn breaks over Venice
He disappears into the city’s endless depths
Leaving behind no trace, no clue
A man on a secret mission, forever true

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