Contrasting Harmony

You are the sunshine, I’m the rain, You are my beauty, I’m your pain.

In every shadow that we cast, Our love is present, built to last.

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The Lonely Swiper

But the screen stays cold, no one seems to care
The swiper’s spirit starts to wear
Days turn to weeks, and weeks to years
The swiper’s hope starts to fade and clear

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The Shadow of Venice

Silent footsteps on the stone
A man on a mission, all alone
The ancient city sleeps around him
As he slips through shadows, dark and grim

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A Sip of Solitude at Caffè Florian

But as I watch, I cannot help but feel
A pang of sadness, a twinge of woe
For amidst the cheer, I am alone
The only one with an unhappy tone

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Long Covid

Days blend together, a monotonous blend
The mind foggy, the body on end
The normal routine, a distant memory
Long Covid takes hold, a harsh reality

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The Long Covid Headache

Into the darkness, I slip away
Hoping for relief, and a brighter day
But until then, I’m trapped in this cage
Of a terrible headache, and Long Covid’s rage.

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