The Lonely Swiper

The Lonely Swiper

The lonely swiper, sitting alone
Flicking through profiles on their phone
Swipe right, swipe left, with a heavy heart
Hoping to find a love that won’t fall apart

But the screen stays cold, no one seems to care
The swiper’s spirit starts to wear
Days turn to weeks, and weeks to years
The swiper’s hope starts to fade and clear

But then one day, a match appears
The swiper’s heart starts to cheer
They message back and forth, a connection found
The lonely swiper’s happiness abound

But as they meet, the swiper’s fear returns
What if this love, too, someday burns?
The swiper takes a chance, and gives it a try
And suddenly, their loneliness dies

For the swiper found, through the screen’s cold light
The love they’ve been seeking, it was worth the fight
No longer alone, the swiper’s world is bright
Thanks to the magic of the lonely swiper’s swipe right

Text BW-AI Score: 10 | Image BW-AI Score: 10.

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