The Long Covid Headache

The Long Covid Headache

A headache, a terrible misery
A throbbing pain, an endless history
It consumes me, a living hell
Leaves me feeling, like I’m under a spell

It starts as a dull ache, deep within
But soon it builds, to a terrible din
A pounding pulse, that won’t subside
Leaves me feeling, like I’m going to die

I try to sleep, to escape the pain
But it follows me, a constant bane
I try to relax, to ease the strain
But it lingers on, a constant drain

I take some pills, and try to rest
But the headache persists, a never-ending test
I try to stay positive, and hold on
But the pain is too much, and I’m gone

Into the darkness, I slip away
Hoping for relief, and a brighter day
But until then, I’m trapped in this cage
Of a terrible headache, and Long Covid’s rage.

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