Long Covid

Long Covid

Long Covid lingers, a shadow of doubt
A feeling of exhaustion, a never-ending drought
The breath comes in gasps, a constant sigh
The body aches, the head hung high

Days blend together, a monotonous blend
The mind foggy, the body on end
The normal routine, a distant memory
Long Covid takes hold, a harsh reality

Hope flickers, a faint light in the dark
A longing for healing, a longing for spark
But until that day, we must carry on
Holding onto faith, until we are strong

Long Covid, a cruel and unforgiving beast
Leaves us lonely, and feeling deceased
The symptoms, a never-ending strife
Leaves us feeling, like the end of life

For loneliness is a heavy weight
That drags us down, and seals our fate
But we must hold on, and never let go
For love and hope, will see us through

Long Covid may win some battles, but not the war
We will rise up, and open the door
To a new tomorrow, a life re-made
Free from the chains, of this pandemic plague

So let us hold on, to each other’s hand
And face this challenge, as a united band
We will overcome, and be stronger in the end
Through the darkness, we will ascend
For together, we are never alone
And love will guide us, to our new home.

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