Contrasting Harmony

Contrasting Harmony

You are the sunshine, I’m the rain, You are my beauty, I’m your pain.

In every shadow that we cast, Our love is present, built to last.

You’re the laughter, I’m the tear, You’re the courage, I’m the fear.

Together, we’re a paradox, Bound tightly like the strongest locks.

You are the melody, I’m the note, Keeping our love’s song afloat.

For every high, there’s a low, But together, our true colors show.

You’re the dream, I’m the wake, The choices we make, the chances we take.

Yet in this dance of night and day, We find a rhythm, come what may.

You are the sunshine, bright and clear, I’m the rain, drawing you near.

Though contrasts we may seem to be, Together, we’re a perfect symphony.

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