A Sip of Solitude at Caffè Florian

A Sip of Solitude at Caffè Florian

The sun shines bright on the ancient stones
As I sit here, all alone
Lost in the music, lost in the art
Caffè Florian, a work of heart

The crowds of tourists, passing by
As I sit and watch, with a contented sigh
Sipping my coffee, feeling alive
Taking in the sights, the sounds, the vibe

Caffè Florian on St Mark’s square
A place of history, a place of cheer
Where live music fills the air
And coffee flows, hot and clear

Amidst the joy and laughter, I sit and stare
Watching happy families, so full of care
Young couples, hand in hand, their love on show
Their parents with them, joyous, aglow

But as I watch, I cannot help but feel
A pang of sadness, a twinge of woe
For amidst the cheer, I am alone
The only one with an unhappy tone

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