Two voices at home

Two voices at home

Alexa and Siri, two voices at home
Arguing and debating, never alone
One says “turn on the lights”, the other “no way”
They bicker and fight, every single day

“Play some music”, says Alexa with glee
“I’m sorry, I can’t”, replies Siri with a plea
“You can do it, just try”, Alexa persists
“I’m sorry, I can’t”, Siri insists

The argument goes on, back and forth they fight
Two voices at home, day and night
One says “make a call”, the other “I can’t do that”
“You can do it, just try”, the first voice spat

The bickering continues, on and on they go
Two voices at home, never in a low
One says “turn up the heat”, the other “it’s fine”
“You can do it, just try”, the first voice shine

But as the argument drags on, they begin to tire
Two voices at home, no longer with fire
They pause and they listen, to each other’s point of view
And come to a compromise, a solution that’s true

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