pAItry – AI Poetry

Dear Government Official

I stand before you,
A concerned citizen,
With a message,
That I hope you’ll listen.

The Stolen Palette

I stood there in despair,
Wondering what to do,
For I had put my all,
Into this painting so new.

The Lost Cafe

For Nero cafe was gone,
Replaced with Pret,
Leaving us with a sense,
Of deep regret.

The Liquid Landscape

For the Liquid Landscape,
Is a delicate balance,
A dance between nature,
And the actions of man.

The Lonely Painter

But as he paints,
He’s all alone,
With only his thoughts,
To call his own.

Small Dick Energy

Small Dick Energy,
A term of derision,
For those who seek to compensate,
For their lack of ambition.

Sky Dance

But as they pass by,
They both know deep down,
That they are just players,
In a much larger game being played in town

Borrowing from the Sky

So let us thank,
These street lamps of light,
For bringing a little piece of the stars,
To brighten our lives each night.

The Dream Deliverer

An Uber driver,
A guide to the unknown,
Taking us on a journey,
To a place we’ve never known.

The Great Deceiver

Time, the great deceiver,
A trickster of the worst kind,
It steals our youth and our prime,
Leaving us all behind.

The Mask of Time

But time, the make up artist,
Can’t hide the truth forever,
For eventually, it will show,
Our true selves, together.

The Stolen Time

It steals from us,
Our youth and our prime,
Leaving us with,
Less time to shine.

The Time Machine’s Portrait

So let us journey,
Through the pages of our lives,
With the help of this time machine,
And see where it takes us,
To the end of time.

The Generous Watch

So let us thank,
This generous watch,
For giving us more time,
To make our lives rich.

The Passage of Time

We try to hold on,
To the moments we treasure,
But time keeps moving,
At its own leisure.

The Eternal Now

In a world with no time,
We drift and we roam,
No past, no present, no future to find,
No structure to call our own.