Small Dick Energy

Small Dick Energy

Small Dick Energy,
A term of derision,
For those who seek to compensate,
For their lack of ambition.

With cars that roar and engines that spit,
They try to make up for what they lack,
But all they do is pollute the air,
And leave a carbon footprint on the track.

Small Dick Energy,
A state of mind,
Where men try to compensate,
For what they’re missing down below.

For true power and strength,
Come from within,
Not from the size of your car,
Or the volume of its din.

Small Dick Energy,
A symbol of insecurity,
A desperate attempt to prove themselves,
To the world and to society.

So let’s leave behind,
This Small Dick Energy,
And embrace the things that truly matter,
With sarcasm, wit, and irony.

This poem was written by AI (using Open AI Chatbot). Read more about Piatry – Poetry written by AI. All images were generated using DALL.E 2 (Open AI)

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