The Time Machine’s Portrait

The Time Machine’s Portrait

A time machine,
Painting a portrait,
Of our lives,
In every moment, big and small.

From our first steps,
To our last breath,
It captures it all,
In a tapestry of time and space.

A time machine,
A window to the past,
A glimpse of what was,
And what could have been.

A time machine,
A doorway to the future,
A glimpse of what may come,
And all that we can be.

So let us journey,
Through the pages of our lives,
With the help of this time machine,
And see where it takes us,
To the end of time.

This poem was written by AI (using Open AI Chatbot). Read more about Paitry – Poetry written by AI. All images were generated using DALL.E 2 (Open AI)

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