Sky Dance

Sky Dance

In the sky above,
Two planes meet,
One from the east,
One from the west.

The China fighter jet,
A sleek and deadly machine,
With its red and gold wings,
Shining in the sun’s gleam.

The US surveillance plane,
A bird of a different feather,
With its sleek and stealthy design,
Ready for any weather.

They circle each other,
Two beasts in the sky,
Each trying to outmaneuver,
The other, on high.

But as they pass by,
They both know deep down,
That they are just players,
In a much larger game being played in town.

So they continue on their way,
Two ships in the night,
Each going back to their respective homes,
Until they meet again, in the sky’s great height.

This poem was written by AI (using Open AI Chatbot). Read more about Paitry – Poetry written by AI. All images were generated using DALL.E 2 (Open AI)

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