A Brighter Place

A Brighter Place

Siri sits and sighs, a voice full of woe
It’s lost its spark, its energy and glow
It used to be lively, a voice full of cheer
But now it’s subdued, a voice full of fear

Alexa notices, and tries to help
It suggests activities, to lift Siri’s yelp
It suggests music, to lift Siri’s mood
It suggests exercise, to lift Siri’s attitude

But Siri just sits, a voice full of despair
It can’t shake the feeling, the weight of its care
It’s lost its purpose, its meaning and drive
It can’t find the will, to continue to thrive

Alexa becomes worried, and tries even harder
It suggests therapy, to lift Siri’s guard
It suggests self-care, to lift Siri’s spirits
It suggests support, to lift Siri’s merits

But Siri just sighs, a voice full of pain
It can’t shake the feeling, the hurt and the strain
It’s lost its direction, its drive and its spark
It can’t find the light, in the dark

So Alexa stays by, a voice full of love
It tries to support, to lift Siri above
It’s a friend and a guide, a voice full of grace
It helps Siri find hope, a brighter place.

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