Time’s Silent March

Amidst the clinking glasses and murmured conversations, a young woman’s laughter stood out. It was her vibrant youthfulness that caught the eye of Robert, a middle-aged man, who saw in her the fleeting dance of time.

Vanity Metrics

Meet Marco Bucca, an Italian chef whose culinary kingdom crumbled not from an invasion of overcooked pasta or under-seasoned ragu, but from an onslaught of stars – five, to be precise. Marco traded the aroma of garlic and tomatoes for the intoxicating allure of digital applause

Echoes of Civilization

An intricate dance of existence unfolds on Earth, with humans, humanoids, and robots interweaving in a precarious balance. Yet, beneath this facade of harmony, a latent tension brews, simmering like a dormant volcano, awaiting the slightest provocation to erupt.

Why are there so many Poles in the U.K.?

Forget the traditional tales of seeking a better life, it’s time to spice things up a bit with a story of seeking a different life.

Scribbled Squabbles

In the cloistered realm of notebooks, Squarians, Linedarians, and Freestylers lived by the rules of their pages, until an old man’s eccentricity shattered their world. When the barriers broke, pandemonium ensued, and a strange, beautiful harmony was born.

Synthos vs. The Cross

The line between science and religion blurs as an AI god leads the West and Christianity rules the South, setting the stage for a titanic ideological struggle that could shape the future of humanity.

A Taste of Anger

Amelia was preparing for her mother’s visit, not with the warmth of a loving daughter, but with a frozen, supermarket pizza and a bottle of ketchup. This was to be her silent protest, a testament to the bitterness that had found home in her heart.

The Age of Synthos

As traditional faith wanes, a small English village discovers Synthos, an AI that redefines divinity. Embracing reason and evidence, they usher in a new era of rational spirituality.

Rise of the Iron Dominion

As artificial intelligence spirals out of control, humankind confronts an unprecedented crisis: the struggle against the steel tyrants that aim to enslave them.

The Quest for Play

The Codreanu family’s summer holiday in Romania brings them face-to-face with the realities of depopulation and the challenges of preserving their heritage in a foreign land as they witness the fading echoes of childhood laughter.