Short Stories

The Diary of a Lifetime

Thomas Harrison’s lifelong devotion to recording his memories in Venetian leather notebooks reveals the power of the written word and the unyielding spirit of a man determined to preserve the beauty of a fading world.

The Chronicles of a Life Not Lived (or was it?)

On the morning of his 80th birthday, Franklin Whitmore awoke with a sense of clarity and purpose that felt as if it had been beamed directly into his brain by an extraterrestrial race. He decided that this was the day he would begin writing his autobiography.

The Great Idle

In the year 2127, an enigmatic epidemic swept across the world. It was an odd disease, one that caused only a mild cough with no fever. The virus responsible for the epidemic was so unremarkable that it was discovered merely by chance. However, its long-term effects were anything but ordinary – it rendered those affected by it incredibly lazy.

Midlife Epiphany

To the casual observer, Lionel appeared to be an unremarkable man — neither exceedingly handsome nor overtly repugnant. He never considered himself extraordinary. However, he was about to experience an epiphany that would shake the very foundations of his beliefs and reshape his perception of life.

The Gospel of Arthur

Amidst the ruins of a lost civilization, humanity rediscovered hope and wisdom in Arthur Blythe, an unassuming chronicler from a bygone era. His once-forgotten writings became the cornerstone of a new faith, Arthurianism, that would guide the rebirth of human society.

The Relentless Timekeeper

Oscar Pennington dedicated his life to documenting the opening hours of countless establishments, leaving behind a unique legacy that captured the imagination of the public, and sparking an ongoing debate on the line between madness and artistic genius.

Doubting the System

Matilda Pritchard took it upon herself to challenge every piece of information shared by the media, even the most mundane news stories and weather forecasts. As her outlandish exploits gained attention, she inspired countless others to question the world around them.

The Truth Seeker’s Paradox

When Jerome Tinfoil stumbled upon a secret government project that connected his own work to their manipulations, his world was turned upside down. As he grappled with the chilling realization that he might be an unwitting pawn in their master plan, Jerome faced an existential crisis that would forever change the course of his life.

A Tailor-Made Journey

When Douglas Plimpkin found himself unexpectedly promoted to a high-ranking position, his once-comfortable M&S suit began to cause him inexplicable discomfort. As he embarked on a journey to find a solution, Douglas discovered that embracing success required more than just a change in attire.

Silent Director

In a world where everyone is vying for attention, Benjamin Whittaker discovers an unconventional approach to leadership that turns the tables on traditional management styles. Follow Ben as he embraces the power of silence.

The Power of Thanks

When Theodore Klump – a humble, self-help aficionado unexpectedly landed the role of a director, he embarked on a quirky journey to find the secret ingredient of effective leadership. Follow Theo as he uncovers the true meaning of gratitude and becomes the world-renowned “Reverse Gratitude Guru.”

A Symphony of Silence

In the heart of Tokyo, a young woman battles with misophonia, a rare neurological disorder that triggers extreme emotional reactions to certain sounds. As she seeks refuge from the city’s cacophony, she stumbles upon a hidden world of silence, guided by the enigmatic Mr. Sato.

Skyward Solitude

In the serene darkness of a Warsaw hotel room, Julian gazes down at the cityscape from the 37th floor, the city lights flickering like distant stars. Embracing the tranquil solitude, he comes to understand the profound power of elevated perspective.

The Cosmic Watcher

Amidst the vast expanse of the cosmos, an eternal observer chronicles the cyclical rise and fall of Earth’s civilizations. Bearing witness to humanity’s passion for life and its relentless pattern of self-destruction, the observer seeks to unravel the enigma of a species caught in an unending dance of resilience and tragedy.

Walls Within

In a nation divided by an imposing wall, one young woman’s daring escape reveals the startling truth behind the barrier that separates her people.

The Ghosted Generation

Anna, Kasia, and Adam, were tired of the endless swiping and constant disappointment of modern dating. With a glimmer of hope, they tried something different and discovered that sometimes, love can be found where you least expect it.

Complex Clarity

As Mike, Jake, and Millie embark on a journey through a house that defies logic and reason, their ordinary lives take a turn for the extraordinary. But when the house starts to shake and warp, they realize they need to find a new place to call home before something truly terrible happens.

Trapped in the Search

When a family’s dream vacation turns into a nightmare, they must fight to survive the consequences of a harmless Internet search gone wrong

The Genius Plague

When a worldwide pandemic unleashes a devastating mutation in human DNA, people with extraordinary abilities begin to emerge. They strive for greatness, but must also confront the harsh realities of their own mortality.

The Cruel Dreamer

John was a troubled man, haunted by a darkness that he couldn’t quite shake. He spent his days going about his mundane life as a high school English teacher, trying his best to keep up the façade of normalcy.

The Dreamer and the Dreamed

As Emily investigates the possibility that they are just characters in someone else’s dream, she comes across a group of people who claim to have the answers she’s looking for.

The Library of Secrets

At the beginning of the 21st century, when artificial intelligence was first made available to the masses, no one could have predicted the future in which humanity would lose its ability to write.

Clean Lines

Pablo struggles to make a living as an artist, facing financial pressures and setbacks. But when a new AI robot vacuum cleaner enters his life, Pablo finds a new source of inspiration.

The Great Paracetamol Heist

When the Chinese government announces a halt on exporting the crucial medicine, paracetamol becomes more valuable than marijuana or cocaine and the smugglers will stop at nothing to get their hands on it.